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Flip the fish, Sue the jellyfish, and Quack the sea duck love to hang out with their grandfather. And why wouldn't they? He's a real live pirate—Captain Kraken! Daily adventures? Check. Minor mayhem? Check. Come on, now, everything back in its place! Aye-aye, Captain! The other sea animals can wag their flippers all they want, but Captain Kraken is in charge of his crew.
3+, 2D, 26x7'
Comedy, adventures
Partners: X-Media Digital, Souzmultfilm
Platforms: YouTube, Karusel, ivi

Captain Kraken and his crew

Cute and clumsy little monster Om Nom has had a pretty busy screenlife: throughout more than 140 episodes of the show he managed to become a blogger and tried himself in a couple of other professions, made a journey around the world and even became a superhero.

3+, 2D, 140x3'30''
Comedy, adventure
Partners: Zeptolab
Broadcasters: Netflix, Boomerang, Kidoodle TV, Roku TV, iFlix, Playkids

Om Nom Stories
Comedy series about two prominent mechanics — a clumsy crocodile Jacques and a smart raccoon Nicolas — that build cars, modify them, invent brand new ones, and all this to help the inhabitants of Duck City deal with their day-to-day difficulties. You will be able to learn absolutely everything you need to know about cars from this show.
0+, 2D, 52x5'30''
Comedy, edutainment
Partners: X-media Digital
Platforms: ivi, YouTube, Megogo

Cars, Cars
Pik the pickup truck has lots of useful stuff in his back, and he uses it to help the wood dwellers in need. His best buddy Jed the cloud is always by his side. Are you a hedgehog with its needles soaked wet? Or maybe you are a postman having trouble delivering the mail all because of a simple fact that you are a panda at the same time?
This educational comedy is intended for the youngest audience.
Over 200,000 million views on YouTube.
0+, 2D, 26x5'30"
Edutainment, comedy
Partners: X-Media Digital
Platforms: YouTube, Karusel, Mama, ivi

Magic Pik
You've always wanted to learn to count, but you've never got around doing so? Then this project is just for you. Smart Beaver will explain everything to you thoroughly. And a roller-scating giraffe and a bunch of ants wearing nice sweaters will illustrate the whole process with examples.
0+, 2D, 26x5'30''
Edutainment, comedy
Partners: X-Media Digital
Platforms: YouTube, Karusel, Mama, ivi

Happy Counting
C.A.T.S. - the game by Zeptolab that broke Appstore popularity records.
Teaser for C.A.T.S.
Teaser for the new Zeptolab company masterpiece.
Teaser for King of Thieves
We love comedy and we want to deliver important messages to our young viewers through humor. We'd like to tell them, that the world is full of opportunities, that they need to take care of it and that they can be anything they want to. Our goal is to give every child confidence in their ability to make the world a better place.
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